Administrative Specialist

  • BIGBEN offers you modern language training of the highest quality, based on the latest innovations in the field.
  • Our team members have been carefully selected among top experts, trained to teach English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian. Their talent, knowledge and skills are beyond exceptional.
  • Our teachers hold their degrees in philology and pedagogy. Many of them have upgraded their skills abroad. They visit on a regular basis workshops, conferences and educational events with the purpose of constant development of their skills while adhering to the latest trends in the sphere of foreign language training.
  • Each teacher takes part in the implementation of European projects under the Erasmus+ Program of the Human Resource Development Centre. Each teacher works for the development of each student’s language skills in an atmosphere of mutual trust.
  • Our youngest students take their first steps in the world of an unknown language with the support of their tutor who aims at transferring their favourite activities into the classroom, thus creating affection towards the process of studying.
  • The experience here is exceptional – we comply all activities with the age of the kids and their level of understanding. We sing, play, work on projects in our classes, we also draw, paint and watch videos. We live through the material and practise it repeatedly. In the end of the day we have excellent results.
  • Our English courses are held within this magnificent environment, where children are able to communicate and build up their personalities. We teach the virtues of cooperation and friendship to active young people with attitude towards the world around.· Our classes are held in English. The children discover themselves the meaning of the words via examples, repeating and images, so they can be active in the process, memorising and comprehending more material. We aim at developing the 4 key communication skills during our classes – reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • We see high level of teaching as a combination of high quality standards of lecturing activities and that personal attitude towards students. Thus we spend together hours which are both useful and pleasant.
  • We have witnessed many friendships in our school through the years, based on mutual understanding between tutors and students (adults and children). We are proud of our contribution to the fact that a growing number of Bulgarians are now fluent in their selected foreign language!