We have participated as partners in projects in Italy, Romania, Turkey. We have been actively working on individual and institutional projects under the Lifelong Study Programme. We have hosted 3 international qualification trainings for EU teachers, alongside 2 successful teaching visits of educational experts from the European countries. We have sent our teachers abroad under 2 successful mobility projects for lecturers under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. We send our English teachers annually to trainings, held in Great Britain, Malta, Greece, etc. Besides that we organize internal training seminars for all our teachers and employees throughout the year with lots of special awards to distinguish the best among them.

Our Outdoor Activities include:

  • after school activities with diverse educational and cultural agenda
  • international exchange of tutors
  • exciting celebrations, certificate ceremonies and presentations on contemporary educational subjects
  • interest clubs, meetings and discussions with top experts in different fields being our guests exciting competitions with attractive awards
  • 24/7 access to Wi-Fi and controlled access to our PCs for the purposes of education access to a library with methodological and fiction literature in different languages