Study Materials


The high quality of our courses is maintained through the use of genuine educational systems and e-learning materials provided by the Educational Centre.

Textbooks for children and students groups in English::


Hooray! Let’s play!  is an attractive and innovative three-level learning system (Starter; Level A; Level B) for the youngest that offers a lot of fun and stimulating activities. The textbook is suitable for the pre-school period of training in a foreign language. Hooray! Let’s play! uses a unique multi-sensory approach that develops the thinking and social skills of children. Along with the charming characters: Panda Peter, Bunny Rosie, Crocodile Connie and Tortoise Tom, their fun games, stories, songs and lyrics will teach the English language easily and naturally. Used for groups Pre Junior 1, Pre Junior 2, Pre Junior 3.

Say Hello is a new English kindergarten teaching system for children aged four to six. The course is written by Judy West who has extensive experience teaching and writing materials for young learners.

Say Hello is based on two attractive characters Tom and Polly with their friend Ben Meche. At the heart of the methodology is the focus on activities aimed at children, and the Ben the Bear doll plays a key role in these activities. The training is introduced through a series of short and lively activities such as listening and speaking, listening and directing, singing and games involving simple questions and answers in English.



Happy Trails is a beginner’s two-level tutorial (A1-A1) for elementary school children. It is a joint edition of National Geographic Learning and Cengage Learning. Students will get to know the world as they learn English through beautiful photos and texts from National Geographic. They will learn a lot about the lives of their peers from different countries. The tutorial follows the interesting adventures of Panda Ty, Leo Leopard and Mia Meerkat traveling to different countries around the world. A wide variety of adventure stories, songs, comics, games and projects help students develop their communication skills in English. Used for groups A Junior and B Junior.

Publisher: National Geographic 

imageServletWorld Wonders is a fascinating four-level Beginner-Intermediate (A1-B1) learning system that combines strikingly beautiful photos and articles inspired by National Geographic content. The textbook contains 12 units of study, each of 3 lessons, 6 negotiation lessons, songs, games and stickers. Used for groups A Senior, B Senior and C Senior.

Publisher: National Geographic 


Target B1, B1 +, FCE are textbooks mainly aimed at teenagers, covering topics of interest in the world of fashion, communication and the environment. In an interesting way, they focus on students’ speaking, reading, writing and grammar and prepare them for future exams or everyday situations. Used for D Senior groups.

Publisher: Richmond






Life is one of the latest joint releases of National Geographic Learning and Cengage Learning. An exciting, attractive, engaging, accessible and up-to-date six-level A1, A2, B1, B1 +, B2, C1 (Beginner – Advanced) learning system that turns English language learning into a fun journey around the world with captivating pictures, articles and videos, engaging students’ attention at a glance.

The course content is practically targeted and helps students develop their language skills through specific real-life communication tasks. The vocabulary is presented thematically, with additional emphasis on keywords and word formation in the Word focus and Word building sections. The grammar is in two parts in each lesson, using a deductive approach. Life provides many tutorials, a notebook, tutorials, and online materials that allow students to develop their writing skills. The authors provide sample text and exercises that gradually and seamlessly lead students to complete a written assignment. The students receive two Audio CDs with materials for listening exercises for free. Each lesson has National Geographic video footage on the topic being studied, allowing the teacher to bring the lessons as close as possible to real life situations. Students receive a free DVD of these books for the textbook.

Publisher: National Geographic 


Adult Textbooks The New Framework is an exciting six-level overall English course that emphasizes oral communication, personalization and debate on dynamic and authentic topics. The course provides up to 120 hours of material and covers students from beginner to advanced. Introduced in 2011, the site allows teachers to assign tasks and monitor their students’ progress, and students are encouraged to learn independently through blogs, videos and games.

Main Functions: Developed in line with the Common European Framework Goals Dynamic, challenging thematic areas and authentic texts. Focus on English from the street through Real Thing and the sections for common phrases. The booklet contains additional explanations of grammar, vocabulary and transcripts of the texts from the audio exercises. Emphasis on learner autonomy promoted through “How to …” learning strategies and “language passport” goals.

Publisher: Richmond